The classic Ford Mustang. That exciting car that began rolling off the assembly lines at Ford in 1964. It took the American car-buying public by storm. I still remember Lee Iacocca and the iconic TV ads touting the exciting car of tomorrow.

Well, if you're an owner of a mostly current Mustang, get ready to bring it back to the dealership for a repair. Ford is recalling more than 330,000 Mustangs in the U.S. to fix backup camera displays that go blank or become distorted. Oops! That's not a great deal.

The 2015 Ford Mustang

Ford Makes Announcement At Michigan Mustang Assembly Plant
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Ford says the recall covers cars from the 2015 to 2017 model years. And, the U.S. Safety regulators say it's the wiring. On these models, it can become damaged, or come loose, and that is what is causing the big problem.

A Sweet Memory of My '66 (1964 here but not much change)

Bruce Bennett/ Getty Images
Bruce Bennett/ Getty Images

Boy, who didn't or doesn't, love a Mustang. I do, because I've owned two in my car driving lifetime. The one I hated losing the most was my 1966 convertible. Oh my, was it sweet. It was red with a black leather interior, a beautiful wood steering wheel, and black convertible top, 4 on the floor, as they say, a manual transmission.

Nailed it - My Sweet Interior

Preview Of Cars Going Under The Hammer At The Coys Spring Classics Auction
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Boy, could I make that car go. But wait, that's not all. I installed an 8-Track Tape Player! Now you're talking. That's class! Sigh!

Sadly, I had to sell it eventually. I made money on the deal, but oh, what it's worth today. Probably in the neighborhood of $15 to $20k, and probably more.

Oh well, coming back down to earth, dealers will repair the deck lid wiring harness and possibly replace the camera.

So, if you're an owner, notices will be mailed out starting March 7. Then you'll get another letter when parts are ready.

I wonder where my Mustang is now! I miss you!


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