Don't you just love Cheetos? They're so addicting that you can't stop eating them. But when you're finished, you have orange, dusty fingers. What is that stuff, Cheetos Dust?

Now it officially has a name. According to Fox, that cheesy residue all over your fingers that you're at a loss for words to describe is now called.....Cheetle!

Fox said "Cheetle" is defined as “that orange and red dust symbolic of true Cheetos fandom,” according to a press release from Frito-Lay. In a sentence, for example, the word "Cheetle" could be used thusly: “My hands have Cheetle on them,” or, “Did you stain my shirt with Cheetle?”

Now I finally know what I have all over my fingers! It's so much fun knowing that you are sucking the Cheetle off your fingers when finished. Mmmmm!

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