A Muskegon man is debating what to do with the giant Cheeto he found in his bag of Cheetos Puffs.

Courtesy of Joshua Runey

Joshua Runey said that he wasn't going to eat it because a bunch of people already touched it, which is a wise decision.

Runey bought the bag at Walmart in Grand Haven, on Wednesday. He discovered the unusually eight- to nine-inch long Cheeto once he opened the bag. He told us that:

I couldn't do anything but laugh. My laughter caught the attention of a lot of people that started taking pictures themselves and laughing along."

Courtesy of Joshua Runey

Currently, the Cheeto is sitting on his kitchen counter in a Ziploc bag being "oohh" and "ahhh'd" by friends who want to see it. His wife suggested they put it in their first anniversary shadow box because nothing says love like Cheetos <3

Meanwhile, some other people think he should try and sell it since a Flamin' Hot Cheeto that looked like Harambe sold for nearly $100K! Although I don't think he could get that much off of his long Cheeto (because Harambe), I do think he could get something out of it. People will pay for anything these days.

Personally, I need to start paying attention to the shape of my food before I just shove it in my mouth. You never know if it could be worth money or internet fame.