West Michigan Man Finds a GIANT Cheeto! [Photos]
A Muskegon man is debating what to do with the giant Cheeto he found in his bag of Cheetos Puffs.
Joshua Runey said that he wasn't going to eat it because a bunch of people already touched it, which is a wise decision.
Runey bought the bag at Walmart in Grand Haven, on Wednesday...
Six Tips For Taking Awesome Pictures of Fireworks on Your Phone
Every year I end up with around 20 or so blurry, crappy pictures from the Fourth of July fireworks. Fireworks are so spectacular I just want to capture each burst and sparkle on my camera roll! But, it never works out.
Well this year it's going to be different! I'm planning to get some great shots at…
Too Many Photo Ops?
There is no shortage of opportunities to take pictures of your kids, but a new study says taking pictures and videos makes it harder to remember those special moments.
Are parents missing out by taking too many pictures of their kids?
Who Takes Your Family Photos? [Poll]
Nice cameras and photos have become much easier for the average consumer to obtain in recent years.
It's changing the way families record their memories and it's effecting the bottom line at large photo studios.
Who takes your family photos?