Are people out of their collective minds? Collectors out there are crazy for some of the weirdest things, including Cheetos!

A Flamin’ Hot Cheeto that sort of looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger was sold on eBay -- with a listed price of $10,000. $10,000 thousand dollars! Crazy!

The online listing refers to the snack as a “coveted collector's item” -- and also informed the buyer that the item is “not to be eaten” and, instead, should be “stored as collectible item.”

This is a Cheeto, for heavens sakes. They're meant to be eaten. But, the guy who found it in his bag of Flamin' Hot Cheeto's took a second look and thought, Hi Arnold, let's make some money. Me, I would be eating Cheetos so fast that I probably wouldn't even have looked at them, just stuff them in my mouth. Yum!

To be fair, the Cheeto does, indeed, look like Arnold doing his Mr. Olympia pose. Not sure that it’s worth $10,000 though…



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