Dusty & Nugget
Dusty & Nugget

Two cute, 2-month old puppies, came calling today.

Dusty and Nugget visited with Andy Rent as he talked about him on his Andy in the Morning show for Wet Nose Wednesday.

Nicole, from the Humane Society of West Michigan, brought Dusty and Nugget into the studios.

The two puppies are part of the Pet Smart Charities program the the Humane Society of West Michigan partners with. Our southern states have an over abundance of puppies, and so many would be destroyed with out partners like the Humane Society.

Both Dusty and Nugget are Chihuahua mixes. According to the American Kennel Club, Chihuahuas are alert dogs with terrier-like qualities. They are good with families if the children are gentle and patient. Because of their small size, they require little exercise and are good city dogs, but can be sensitive to cold temperatures. He can also thrive with activities in rural environments because of his hardiness. The Chihuahua is highly intelligent. Obedience training should be considered to ensure he becomes a well-behaved companion.

You can get all the information on the Humane Society website or call (616) 453-8900.

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