Calvin University and an area near Cornerstone University have both experienced a problem recently with a flasher. A suspect is now in custody.

Because of cell phones, flashing isn't something you here of that often these days, but that has not been the case for some students at Calvin University.

According to WOOD, police have arrested a suspect that was allegedly involved in some flashing incidents that have occurred Calvin University campus as well as an area near Cornerstone University and a McDonalds.

You would thinks with everyone carry around a video camera and camera in their cell phones, flashing would be a thing of the past, but some people have a sick way of getting their thrills.

Officials from Calvin University announced in an email to students and staff that an individual was arrested early Sunday morning.

The alleged flasher made his first attempt in a parking lot that is right by Hekman Library. The suspect was in a car completely naked and pleasuring himself when he asked a female student to come over to the car. You can only imagine the students reaction.

Later the same day the suspect was handing out notes to students and asking them to have sex. I get passing notes around class when you are very young but just blatantly handing them out to young adult women to try and get some sex is just way over the top.

Campus security at Calvin was in communication with the Grand Rapids Police who had mentioned a report about an incident that was very similar that had taken place by a McDonald's in Kentwood.

There was another incident that happened near Cornerstone University but no information has been released regarding what actually happened.

Grand Rapids Police and campus police and both universities are still investigating the alleged offenses.

Police did offer up a description in case you saw this man or he approached you: the man was in his mid-20s with dark skin, very thin in build that had brown hair, mustache and beard. He was seen driving a black Toyota Yaris with a Florida license plate IAJB30. Police are asking if you saw the man or hand any dealings with him to contact Calvin campus safety at 616-526-6452 or call the Grand Rapids Police Department at 616-456-3400.

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