Blue, from the Humane Society of West Michigan, came to visit.

Andy Rent talked about Blue with Trudy from the Humane Society of West Michigan on his Andy in the Morning show for Wet Nose Wednesday.


Blue is an 11-year-old Australian Shepherd who is fairly new to HSWM. She is a sweet lady and loves attention. Blue is great on a leash and is extremely easy going. Don’t let her age scare you - Blue still has a passion to play and to go on walks.

Trudy also talked about:

Adoption Special: Starting today, July 5th, running through July 8th they will be having an adoption special. Heartworm positive and adult dogs are $100, long-term dogs (any dog that has been in the shelter over 30 days) are $50, Cats & Small critters are name your price, and bunnies are fee waived!

Low Income Vaccine Clinic: They have a low-income vaccine clinic scheduled for July 9th. Hours are 2 - 5 however we reserve the right to limit entrance based on attendance. Low-income status MUST be provided by one of the following:

  • Bridge Card with an annual letter of qualification (within the last 12 months)
  • Medicaid or Medical Assistance Card with a letter of qualification
  • Social Security Disability or Retirement letter of qualification
  • Unemployment statement
  • 2 recent pay statements (within 30 days), less than 200% Federal Poverty Level

Firework Safety- With this being the July 4th week, it means fireworks and lots of them! So how do you keep pets safe during fireworks? Days around July 4th are rated when that most pets go missing. Why? Because most animals are terrified of fireworks which leave them bolting out of backdoors, cars, fences, and more just to get away from them.

Steps to keep your pets safe are:

  • Making sure they are inside and away from the noise
  • Have them wear a thunder shirt or anxiety wrap
  • Medicate them (consult with your vet beforehand)
  • Keep windows and curtains closed
  • Distract your pet like treats or a fun game
  • Always keep a close eye on your pet
  • Make sure your pet has an up to date identification tag

You can get all the information on the Humane Society website or call (616) 453-8900.

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