We've heard of the Blessing of the Bikes, the Blessing of Animals, etc., but what about our students. Yes, there is a Blessing of the Students, and it's coming up a week from Sunday.

The Blessing of the Students (BOTS) is a one-of-a-kind event held annually in Grand Rapids at the beginning of the school year. People gather to pray for students, parents, families, teachers, para-professionals, administrators, service staff, bus drivers, and community, city, and law enforcement leaders.

Area students, clergy, school choirs, elected officials will participate in the program with prayers, music, dance, spoken word and encouraging words.

Congregations, families, students, everyone are Welcome!

The Blessing of the Students is August 18, 2019, at Grand Rapids Christian Eagles Stadium, 2300 Plymouth Ave, SE - Grand Rapids MI at 6 P.M. with gates opening at 5 P.M.


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