There’s nothing we love more than seeing footage of our favorite artists performing onstage long before they were famous. Sometimes the performances aren’t so great, which gives us hope for our possible future careers as world-renowned popstars. But then other times footage like the above video is released, thereby cementing the fact that when you’re a global superstar like Beyonce, you were pretty much just born with it.

The YouTube clip of an eight-year-old Beyonce singing ‘Home’ from ‘The Wiz’ during a talent competition proves that she’s pretty much always been destined for stardom. Not only does she look adorable (seriously, did Beyonce ever even have an awkward phase!?) but she totally kills it.

The host of the competition even comments at the end of Beyonce’s amazing performance: “She asked me backstage if I’d sign something for her but, frankly, I think I’d better get her to sign something for me before she starts charging.” Truer words were never spoken. We sure hope you got that autograph, girl.

Check out the video above, and prepare to be impressed.

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