I love this story!  March is a month that will be bringing new awareness to the State & West Michigan Spring Over The Limit, Under Arrest enforcement campaign.  What with March Madness and  St. Patty's Day earlier in the month and Spring break coming up, well those three holidays have always had a drinking element attached to them.  March seemed to be the perfect month to kick off this campaign, courtesy of the State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning.

My grandma was killed by a drunk driver just before her 80th birthday.  She never left the house except to go to church on Wednesday mornings.  Her old lady friend picked her up, they were on their way to church, for the 10:30am service on a Wednesday morning and were hit broadside by a drunk driver.  This driver just got out of work at one of the auto plants on Jefferson in Detroit and was already drunk at 10am.

These new coasters that bars and restaurants will be handing out will not save every life, but hopefully they will save one more, that without that call would have been lost!

These coasters have QR codes on them so if you have a smartphone all you have to do is scan it for a safe ride home.  The aim is to target younger, tech-savvy motorists.