The one thing that never changes with ArtPrize is that it's always changing.

This year, ArtPrize added a new category called "Installation".

Ariel Saldivar, Associate Director at the Goss Michael Foundation in Texas, is the juror for the new Installation award. The public vote will also award a prize to best "installation" piece. Saldivar described the Installation category at the jurors' shortlist event:

It's definitely dependent upon the space, and then as a viewer, going into the space to kind of change your perception.

ArtPrize defines the Installation category:

Entries that are dependent on the site in which they are installed. The location is not a neutral ground, but makes up an important ingredient of the work. Installation is different from 3-D in that changing the location of the piece would dramatically change the work.

It's up to the artist to decide if their piece is an installation piece. Each artist must select one category when submitting their work: 2-D, 3-D, time-based, or installation. Category selections are subject to approval from ArtPrize.

Both Anila Quayyum Agha’s “Intersections” and Alex Podesta's "Self-Portrait as Bunnies (The Bathers)" are on the juror's Top 5 and the latest version of the public's Top 25 under the category of installation.

Entries from all categories are eligible for the $200,000 Grand Prizes, in addition to the $20,000 category awards.