If work/school/everything else has you busier than you'd like to be during ArtPrize, we will bring ArtPrize to you.

Carol VanderNat's "Portrait" is interactive and you can participate from wherever you are right now.

You can see "Portrait" at Independent Bank at 86 Monroe Center NW, Suite 101.  "Portrait" is a more of a working title.  VanderNat is asking those who view her work to give it a title.  VanderNat explains at artprize.org:




I have titled this work "Portrait", however there is another title which is known only to me..... People have seen many different images in the work, and I will have a notebook available for people to record their reactions  When I display art, it's all about the interpretation and reaction...good, bad, or indifferent - it's all reaction, and all good...... For me, this work shows (in the lion's image) a strong, capable, brave person...facing the world without fear or hesitation. This is a part of who I am. On the right side though, the image is splintering and floating away into the shadows. There is another face there, one that's in pain. This is also part of who I am. Overlaying this image is another...that of a Phoenix, created in string, which is painted to match the background painting. This work has been great therapy for me. Painting always is; however, this particular work has settled in very close to my heart. Tell me what YOU think!!!!

If you go to Independent Bank you will find these instructions.

Matt Milhouse

You can also see what titles others have come up with.

Matt Milhouse

Tell us what title you would give this piece and why.  We will make sure that VanderNat sees every idea.

Here's the official page of the portrait at artprize.org.