Do you just love your dog so much that you could be considered a "helicopter parent?" You're not alone.

Six in 10 dog owners admit they care about their pet so much, they consider themselves “helicopter parents.”

A survey of 2,000 American dog owners found a staggering 91% pay close attention to what their dog needs, with 89% worrying about their comfort as the seasons change, according to an article on the SWNS Digital website.

So, how are we considered helicopter parents? Well, for one thing we'll buy our pooch a sweater, winter coat and maybe a rain jacket, for bad weather.

Two out of three of us have cooked a special meal for their dog — especially on their dog’s birthday, after coming home from a long trip, or on their adoption anniversary! One respondent said they once made their dog “a nice roast duck with an organic, dog-friendly herb sauce.”

Some respondents to the survey said the most extravagant meal they made for their dog: beef stews, an entire venison leg and a dog-friendly cake.

Hey, stop it. Those dogs are eating better than I do!

“Dogs have worked and lived alongside humans for thousands of years, and it’s no surprise they were the first domesticated animal when you think about the deep bond that you develop over time with your pup,” says Radhika Kaistha, brand manager of NOW FRESH. “They 100%, wholeheartedly, and completely depend on us to make the right choices for their health & wellbeing, and in return they offer us unconditional love and priceless companionship. Our pets bring out the best in us, help us stay grounded, and remind us to cherish the little moments in life. Our time with them is precious, so it’s important we make the right decisions for our furry family members.”


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