How many times have I caught myself saying, I've seen it all? Really, how many time have all of us said that, except for this one time.

A week ago Sunday was the annual New York City Marathon. Runners from around the world competed, having trained for months and months, carefully preparing to achieve optimal performance at one of the most important races of the year. And yet, even after all that effort, all of them, every last one, was outshined by one runner.....a Duck!

This wasn't just an ordinary duck. Not by a long shot. It was Wrinkle the Duck, and she was wearing her little red duck shoes.




The website AV Club.Com posted the story about Wrinkle The Duck. She is a white Pekin duck, and even all those tough New Yorkers fell in love with Wrinkle.

Watching her run, how much fun is that. Waddle, waddle, waddle down the street.

It's not believed that Wrinkle finished the entire race because there wasn't an official time posted for her. But, hey, who cares, she ran the New York Marathon, and that's a lot more, seriously a lot more, than any of us did, will, or hope to do.  Okay, actually, seriously, not even hope. I'll just watch and I'm good.

Wrinkle’s trainers have written that "Wrinkle The Duck is more than just a beautiful Pekin duck. She is a full grown adult human child. She is fast. She is speed. She is zoom. She is Wrinkle. Still fast as duck boiiii.”


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