A drone flew into a fireworks show, filmed the entire time, and gives a view unlike any you've ever seen before.

Joe Stiglingh shot the fireworks video with a DJI Phantom 2 drone and a GoPro camera in West Palm Beach, Florida in May.

The video's popularity has grown over Independence Day weekend and it has earned millions of views and fans.

The result is nothing short of amazing, but is filming a fireworks show with a drone safe or even legal?

That's debatable.

Forbes reports:

The Coast Guard uses safety zones, which are routine and frequent regulations to establish control of access to maritime areas to ensure the safety of events, vessels, or individuals. Many of these zones are of short duration, ranging from a few hours to a few days, and all are geographically limited in area.  While the Coast Guard would not consider a drone a vessel, they would likely consider a drone a hazard that they have the authority to prohibit; that’s because the general regulation (below) speaks to “objects” entering safety zones.

Legal or not, the drone provides an unforgettable view of the fireworks show.

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