If you were hoping for a drone to deliver your next round, you're going to be disappointed by the FAA's recent decision on drone beer delivery.

Lakemaid Beer in Minnesota wants to deliver beer via drone to people as they enjoy ice fishing.

The FAA says commercial use of drones isn't permitted at this time.

Lakemaid Beer president Jack Supple brewed up a plan this winter to quench the beer thirst of ice fishers on central Minnesota’s Lake Mille Lacs, with retailers taking orders using GPS coordinates.

He and his colleagues rented a drone, tested the idea on Lake Waconia and then put up a video.

Not so fast, the FAA told him.

The nation’s stewards of the air are still studying how to safely bring drones into modern life, and until then, their commercial use isn’t permitted, they explained.

“Our concern is the safety of people on the ground and the safety of people in the air,” FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory told the Star Tribune.

Maybe someday Beer City USA will become Drone City USA, but not yet.

If you drink it, they won't come.

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