This story happened back in September, but it's coming to light now. it certainly is a "dog's life" tale.

It was in Des Moines, Iowa. The Fire Department in Iowa responded to the call and had to put out a fire in an apartment building. Okay, all was good and everybody got out safely, well, almost everyone.

While taking care of the fire, they discovered there was a missing dog, and ran back into the building to rescue a 16-month-old Mastiff named George.

Unfortunately, George was in rough shape and had to be given oxygen at the scene. Would he survive? Yes! The good news was he did, but there were complications. Television station KCCI reported Animal Control arrived and explained the treatment for the dog would be expensive and the other option was the euthanize the dog.

The owner said they couldn't afford the medical care and opted for euthanizing the dog. Not so fast there, Bucky. That is when a firefighter stepped in.

Firefighter Malcolm Cortner was one of the first responders who helped pull George out of the building. And when he heard about the complications, Malcolm asked if he could take care of George, along with the medical expenses.

Malcolm followed through, adopting George, getting him the treatment he needed -- and nursing him back to full health.

So, how did it turn out? George is now happy in his new home and, thanks to a terrible tragedy about a month ago, has become Malcolm’s new best friend and has a very loving home.


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