I'm not sure why I do this to myself, but I seem to go on the animal shelter pages a lot, looking at all the different animals - even though I'm maxed out at home with my one cat, thanks to my landlord.

So as I was doing my check of pages, I came across the Humane Society of West Michigan's post introducing everyone to Freckles, the pig. The face alone got me to stop, and then I read that he loves belly rubs and being wrapped up in his blanket, I wanted him.  So let me introduce you to Freckles because apparently the Humane Society has more than just him.

He's a young pig, which means he'll get quite a bit bigger, but the post says these pigs, like Freckles, will do best in an indoor-only environment. But Freckles loves to cuddle both with humans and his stuffed animals and gets along with his foster dog brother and sister. They also say he's a big fan of belly rubs and chatting.  I really want to know what his "accent" sounds like.

They do say he's a little messy and loves to eat.  Actually the post starts off comparing him to a teenage boy. Sleeps a lot, eats, and is a bit messy.

If you're interested in Freckles or any of the other pigs the Humane Society of West Michigan has available, you should contact them to set up an appointment to go meet him, or them, there's four up for adoption right now.  They also say if you're curious about adopting a pig and want more info on what it takes to have a pet pig, they'd be glad to provide you with all the info needed to be a good pig parent.

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