Yesterday's wind storm created a dangerous situation for the Michigan basketball team as they attempted to fly to Washington D.C.

At the same time, flights into Grand Rapids were coming in ahead of schedule due to tailwinds.

Over 860,000 lost power in Michigan this week because of the wind storms making it the biggest statewide power outage since 1991.

In West Michigan, Consumers Energy reports that as of 4am today, 187,000 customers were still without power. Since Tuesday afternoon, 300,000 Consumers Energy customers have been affected by the high winds that took down 7,000 wires and broke more than 1,000 poles.

The storms caused problems at Willow Run Airport near Ann Arbor. The Michigan basketball team's plane slide off the runway when they attempted to leave Wednesday afternoon.

All on board the plane were safe after the incident.

The wind actually helped flights in Grand Rapids, as tailwinds kept incoming flights not only on time, but early.

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