Last week, my family spent a lot of time at Michigan's Adventure over vacation.  I wasn't sure how my 5-year-old would do with it being the first time she was tall enough for the big rides.

She rode them...over and over and over.  She rode so many more big rides than me, I lost count!

Am I the only one?

Who rides bigger amusement park rides?  You or your kids?

I did my best to keep up, but I didn't stand a chance.  Not only did my 5-year-old daughter ride more rides than me, but she rode some of the crazy rides that do nothing but spin.  Rides that I never try.  Not only did she try them, she rode them over and over.  And loved it!  I'm dizzy just thinking about it.

I love roller coasters, but it appears my body forgot or didn't get the memo.  Those warning signs about back trouble/neck trouble/everything else trouble seem to have been designed to warn me about how I would feel after just one trip on Shivering Timbers.

I don't have high hopes, but I'm going to try to keep up again next time.  Until then, I'm just hoping they add Dramamine flavored slushies to the menu.  Then I'll be ready to keep up with all of the kindergartners!