So far it's just been a conversation between the two biggest Amusement park operators, but according to Reuters, Six Flags has knocked on Cedar Fair's door and asked to merge.

Six Flags is currently the largest regional theme park operator, and as the story in Reuters says, by merging with Cedar Fair, the parent company of Cedar Point and Michigan's Adventure, it would expand "their footprint" and would allow for lower ticket prices as well.

According to Reuters, Cedar Fair is mulling over an offer from Six Flags Entertainment Corp. which includes cash and a stock offering.

This isn't sitting well with fans of Cedar Point and Michigan's Adventure on Twitter with a lot of comments afraid that if a merger happened, Six Flags would ruin the other company's parks:

  • If @cedarpoint joins six flags I will have to find something new to do in the summer 

  • @cedarpoint  Please stand alone with Cedar Fair instead of merging with Six Flags, it would never be the same again!
  • I hope to god Six Flags does not buy Cedar Fair. They will ruin Cedar Point
  • @cedarpoint please don't sell to six a stock holder and frequent visitor to
    @cedarpoint, they don't have the safety history that Cedar fair does.
  • If @SixFlags buys out @cedarpoint, they'll destroy the legacy they've made for themselves. PLEASE do not sell the company. Cedar point is AMAZING.
  • @cedarpoint one more thing, Cedar Point is better than any Six Flags in North America by far. Y’all should take over Six Flags and fix all of their parks up


No deal has been reached, so far it's just been a call and an initial offer, so we'll have to see what happens.  Let's hope they remain America's #1 and #2 Amusement Park Operators.

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