Andy and I were talking about how men and women view the Anthony Weiner story differently. When it comes to cheating, does it have to be physical contact.


Men and women have very different opinions when it comes to sending and receiving less than wholesome electronic messages. Most of the women taking part in a new Zoosk poll say they wouldn't like to get a naughty photo from a guy if they weren't expecting it, with 61-percent describing it as "creepy." But 74-percent of the men polled would welcome the surprise image, saying they would think it's "sexy." Women also don't think people should send revealing images of themselves or intimate text messages to anyone other than their partner. In a separate Zoosk poll, 62-percent say they would consider it "cheating" if the person they were dating sent a flirtatious text or e-mail to someone else. However, just 42-percent of the men agree.

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