I'm sorry, but this guy is scum!

Now, do you really want to know how I feel!

I don't care what Jessie James thinks.  I don't care about his and Sandra Bullock's personal life.  I don't need to hear his excuses as to "why" he cheated and lived a life of lies with his ex-wife.  There is NEVER any excuse for infidelity.  Never. You don't want to be with that person anymore?  It's simple.  Leave.  Divorce them, before you become entangled with another person.

I remember on Facebook posting the story when it first broke and saying, "I have never in my life been unfaithful to the person I was involved with."  I received so many comments saying that wasn't possible.  It couldn't be so.  But it's the truth.

Who cares what Jessie James thinks?  No publisher would ever want a memoir from Jessie James if he wasn't able to dish on his ex-wife Sandra Bullock.  He still making money off of her and they aren't even together.  UGH!


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