Okay so I just heard, that that Westboro Baptist Church group that protests at soldiers funerals all over the country, will be coming to Grand Rapids to protest at Betty Ford's funeral. At first it made me cry, for Betty.  But then I thought, these people masquerade under the guise of religion and call themselves Christians.  People can call themselves anything they want but LOOK AT THE BEHAVIOR!  Consistent behavior will reveal everything.  Well, those people are coming to a real, true, honest to goodness city, that has more churches per capita, than anywhere else.  I wish that we could pray them away because we know that they will inflict a lot of unnecessary pain.  It has been suggested that media all get together, united and give this story a blackout.  What that means is to not cover the story.  Send no reporters or film crews or anything so you don't see the story on local news.  So what do you think about that?  Is that censorship by local media?  Choosing what you get to see???  Or is it not giving time or space to the negative, hurtful, unnecessary way of getting your point across?  Tell me what you think?  Should we cover the Westboro Baptist Church Protest of Betty Ford's Funeral?  Do you want to see that on your local evening news on WZZM 13, WOOD TV 8, FOX 17, WMMT 3, am I forgetting anybody???  Anyway, what are your thoughts?