A Grand Rapids man has removed a noose from his window in Grand Rapids Third Ward after a picture of the home went viral on facebook. He insists that there was nothing 'racial' about the noose.

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The picture was posted by Kent County Commissioner Robert S. Womack and then went viral as many believed the noose was a racial statement. A part of the caption on the pic said:

It is symbolic in the fact that we are so busy in self destruction that we don’t see the dark past hovering over us.. I see. Do you see? Wake up Grand Rapids Michigan! Wake up! I am screaming at the too of my lungs wake up! To the young black youth wake up!

The man who hung the noose, Greg Kazemier, said he hung the noose in his window near Eastern and Franklin as a message to politicians, telling WOOD-TV it's about the corrupt 'bullsh*t' in Washington DC:

I think the corrupt politicians should be hung. It’s all about just the corrupt bullsh*t in Washington. (The noose) has nothing to do with race. I’ve been down here for eleven years. I’ve never had a problem with any of my neighbors. I love it down here...I’m not like that. I like all people… It had nothing to do with color. Not a damn thing. A noose is an equal opportunity employer.

Robert S. Womack is currently the Commissioner District 17 in Kent County. His district includes the home of Kazemier.

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