President Trump is holding a rally this Thursday in Grand Rapids and a visit from the president means a visit from the (even more famous) Baby Trump balloon.

According to the Facebook event page, the balloon will float during a protest at Rosa Parks Circle from 4p-8p. There will also be live music and a Trump-Putin puppet show... I can only imagine what that's going to entail LOLOL.

The organizers started a GoFundMe page to raise $1,500 to bring the balloon to G.R. Costs go towards the permit and filling Baby Trump with helium (how many tanks do you think that'll take?). Any money left over will be donated to the Grand Rapids Pride Center.

The balloon comes from the Baby Trump Tour, started by a nonprofit group in New Jersey after being inspired by the one that flew at a protest in London last year. Baby Trump-- which strangely resembles a Flamin' Hot Cheeto-- made its first visit to Grand Rapids in October of last year.

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