The Michigan Drag Show Brunch is becoming extremely popular around the state and they just held their first show in Grand Haven this past Sunday. Despite it being a sold-out show, protestors lined up across The Kirby House, where the event was held.

According to the Grand Haven Tribune, just less than a dozen men lined up and held signs that read:




and other signs that had to do with gender being fixed, which only goes to show their ignorance on what the concept of drag actually is.

Sorry to be a drag but I have a few thoughts:

  1. These "men" are obviously uncomfortable with their own sexuality.
  2. Kirby's is a delicious restaurant in the heart of downtown Grand Haven, losing a handful of backward-thinking men I'm sure won't hurt their business.
  3. What perverts? I've been to the drag show brunch and nothing about it was perverted. Sure, there's sexual humor but not forced or anything that would make someone who's there uncomfortable.
  4. Normal is boring.

On the other side of the street, stood counter-protestors with signs that read "LOVE IS LOVE" and "HATE HAS NO HOME HERE."

On a positive note, though, both groups of protestors were peaceful.

There were two shows held on Sunday at Kirby's and each was sold-out. If you haven't experienced one of the drag show brunches I highly recommend it. It's a ton of fun (especially when you have a big group together) and the Michigan Drag Brunch donates a portion of ticket sales to HQ Grand Rapids which helps homeless youth in West Michigan.

I understand everyone has their own beliefs but before slamming a group of people who are different from you at least take a moment to educate yourself first or maybe try and talk to someone from that group. Just remember, when it comes down to it, we're all humans ♥

**While this is a legitimate news story, the thoughts and opinions are of my own, not this station or company**

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