COVID-19 vaccinations are now available to everyone who wants it and a little over half of Michiganders have already been fully vaccinated, but many West Michigan counties are lagging behind.

As of May 5, 2021, 50.9% of Michiganders have either received both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  Michigan is ranked 24th nationally when it comes to fully vaccinated residents per capita.  And when it comes to receiving at least one shot, Michigan ranks 29th in the nation.

Only 3 West Michigan counties currently have a higher vaccination than the state average: Mason County, Kent County, and Ottawa County.  Muskegon County comes close, but is about 1% lower than the average.  See how each of the West Michigan counties rank below.

West Michigan County COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

  1. Mason County - 56.89%
  2. Kent County - 55.74%
  3. Ottawa County - 53.20%
  4. Muskegon County - 50.06%
  5. Oceana County - 49.32%
  6. Allegan County - 47.24%
  7. Barry County - 45.06%
  8. Ionia County - 43.75%
  9. Newaygo County - 40.80%
  10. Lake County - 40.04%
  11. Montcalm County - 38.74%
  12. Osceola County - 38.30%
  13. Mecosta County - 37.98%

Mason county has the most vaccinated residents per capita in West Michigan, but no West Michigan county ranks in the top 5 most vaccinated counties per capita in Michigan.  Check out the 5 most vaccinated counties below.

Michigan Counties With The Highest COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

  1. Leelanau County - 68.44%
  2. Grand Traverse County - 61.84%
  3. Emmet County - 61.3%
  4. Washtenaw County - 60.64%
  5. Oakland County - 59.33%

Michigan's Coronavirus Dashboard has an interactive map that tracks vaccination rates for all of Michigan's counties.  You can also check out the Detroit Free Press' coverage of vaccination rates, including the 5 counties that have the lowest vaccination rates in the state.

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