If you're like my wife and me, you're occasionally looking for quality, educational but fun things for the kids to do on the computer.  No need for "blast 'um" games or car crashes, especially for the little ones, preschoolers and/or kindergartners.

Well, I believe I have it!   ABCmouse.com might just be the thing.  Calling itself an "Early Learning Academy," this website boasts over 2000 educational activities which are delivered to your child in a sequenced manner.

ABCmouse.com provides kids with an online classroom in which to explore math, reading, science, social studies, art and music. In addition to daily lessons, the classroom has areas in which to practice using the computer mouse, a clock and a virtual piano. There are additional activities involving a farm and a zoo.

While a small portion of this website is available for free, the depth and breadth of the full experience is worth the $7.95/month (or $79.00 for a year) subscription fee. With this subscription, parents can register up to three children, and the website creates a learning path for each one.

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