Southwestern Michigan experienced severe weather on Saturday including: hail, funnel clouds, a waterspout, and a reported touchdown by I-196.

Learn more about Saturday's weather including the waterspout which was spotted near South Haven.

The waterspout was photographed just off of the shore in South Haven on Saturday.  WZZM has more:

Thunderstorms moving over the warm water of Lake Michigan spawned funnel clouds Saturday morning, including a waterspout that reportedly moved onshore in VanBuren County.

Around 9 a.m. weather spotters reported a brief touchdown on I-196 near mile marker 24. There was no damage.

Other weather spotters reported small hail in Kalamazoo County Saturday morning.

South Haven is no stranger to waterspouts.  In 2008, multiple waterspouts were spotted near South Haven. See the video below of one of those waterspouts.