Yep, wait! What? We may see the price for a gallon of gas drop below $5 this weekend? Are you crazy, daft, losing it?

No, not at all. To the contrary, that startling statement came from Patrick De Haan of GasBuddy, and he says he thinks YES, the Great Lakes region will see gas prices begin to fall below $5 per gallon. Now that is huge news.

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Fox 17 reported that, as a country, we are now spending nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars more on gasoline every day than a year ago.


As I've said before, there were so many factors leading to the incredible rise in the price of gas. The sudden increase in oil consumption as lockdown measures were lifted and as people went back to pre-COVID activities. Oil producers and refineries were already struggling to keep up with demand, and, as a result, driving prices higher.

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The news comes as U.S. domestic oil production hits 12 million barrels per day, the highest since the start of the pandemic, and that might help a bit in lowering the price per gallon.

People are posting on Facebook and Instagram, pictures at the pump after filling their car, truck or SUV up, and it's staggering to look at. If you have a big car/truck/SUV with a big tank, and so many have gone back to them, it's a total shock when you finish at the pump.

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There isn't any word as to what the price may be, but just falling below $5 per gallon will put a smile on anyone's face and give hope that things may just turn around.


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