We've all well aware of the price of gas. We have gone through this before, and it will happen again in the future, but paying as much as $3.89 for a gallon of gas is a tough nut to swallow. Not to mention the fact that we can proudly say our gas may be the most expensive in the midwest! What?

WXYZ TV in Detroit and Fox17 reported that, according to AAA, the state average is now at $3.74 a gallon, a nearly 40 cent jump from where we were last week.

AAA data shows that in metro Detroit, Oakland County is where you may end up paying the most for gas in metro Detroit as gas is currently averaging $3.78 a gallon. Not here! The price of our gas fluctuates wildly in the area, but Meijer in Cascade on 28th street has a gallon of regular at $3.89! Wowza!

Get a load of how prices have increased in parts of the midwest. Who is the leader here?

Gas Buddy/WXYZ/Fox17
Gas Buddy/WXYZ/Fox17

Okay, I get that even at $3.89, we may not have the most expensive gas in the Midwest, Chicago jumps in at $3.97, but we certainly lead the pack in price increase.


AAA spokeswoman Adrienne Woodland said:

"Crude oil prices are hitting prices we have not seen in about 8 years."

Patrick Dehaan with Gas Buddy says,

"Crude oil costs account for 53% of what you pay at the pump.

17% goes towards various taxes, 18% goes towards transportation and retail costs, and around 12% goes to refining.

All of that is happening because not only the Russia situation, but the transition to summer gasoline is also causing a big boost."

Ingram Publishing/Getty Images

And, it keeps on coming as plane tickets prices will probably be rising soon because jet fuel is going to cost more.


There is a bit of good news here at home, however. A Shell station on River Ave. in Holland has gas for $3.26, and Marathon stations, one on 3 Mile Road, NW and one on Remembrance Road are priced at $3.32 and $3.35! I might be worth it to hike over there!

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