Gas prices in Michigan, and around the country, are like jumping on a trampoline. They bounce up, they come down, over and over again.

This week is a good news gas week as prices in the state saw their first drop in a few weeks, according to AAA Michigan.

Fox17 reported AAA said prices in Michigan have dropped 8 cents from last week to an average of $3.53 per gallon. That's 10 cents more than this time last month but still $1.49 less than this time last year. That sure is a plus!

Oil Drives Gasoline Prices Higher
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GasBuddy reports the price is even low in some locations of West Michigan. The lakeshore maybe the place to be as select spots in Holland and Grand Haven have regular gas at $3.27. And, if you want to drive to Greenville, you'll also find gas as low at $3.23. At in Belding you can find gat this morning at $3.19!

That's not everywhere here in West Michigan, however. Forest Hills, Ada, are about the state's average of $3.53. Comstock Park gas is about a dime cheaper, and the same for Wyoming, Rockford, and others areas.

Gas Prices Climb Upwards As Oil Breaks 100 Dollar Mark During Week
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So, it begs the question, why are they falling again? According to data from the Energy Information Administration, gas demand decreased, which helped cap increases in pump prices. After all, it is after the holiday AAA says, and with the demand for gas declining, naturally the price will fall to encourage all of the fill it up!

Where will you fine the most expensive gas price in Michigan? Looks like in Jackson ($3.57), Traverse City ($3.57), and Marquette ($3.55).

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