USA Today was in Grand Rapids and stopped at Yesterdog to give a full review.

They talked about Yesterdog's food, the interior, and the employees in the review.  In the end, USA Today gave Yesterdog a poor rating.  The second lowest possible.

Did USA Today get it right? 

USA Today called Yesterdog, "OK".  Their rating system has five possibilities.  From worst to best:

  • Blah
  • OK
  • Mmmm
  • Yum!
  • OMG!

USA Today had good things to say about Yesterdog:

The tie-dyed t-shirts, Grateful Dead stickers, wooden booth graffiti, and friendly staff give off a happy-go-lucky vibe.

They also liked the toppings, but not the hot dog:

To me the highlights are the toppings, since I grew up on New York and New England hot dogs and like a bit of snap, a crispiness to the casing that you don't find with these soft, innocuous franks. But many locals love this style, which is a matter of taste. The toppings are good by any standards, especially the unique kraut, not your regular soggy sauerkraut but rather a fresh chopped, brighter green concoction with a lot of crunch, making up for the soft wiener.

USA Today sums up their visit:

The bottom line is that Yesterdog has interesting hot dog options in a unique setting, and it's a fun place to eat that is also a great bargain. Do I crave Yesterdog dogs after trying them? No. Would I go back if I were in the area? Absolutely.

Final rating from USA Today = "OK".

"OK"?!  I don't think so.

How about somewhere between "Yum!" and "OMG!"?  If you are going to factor in Yesterdog's ambiance then "OMG!" is a no-brainer.

The hot dogs at Yesterdog are good and it's a fun place to visit.  If you are looking for a coney, like those on the east side of the state, this is not it.  But count me among those who like both Yesterdog AND Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit.