Today is National Walking Day!

The American Heart Association is encouraging all of us Americans to lace up and get moving today, April 2. Whether it’s walking, running, biking, playing sports or joining a group class, the goal is getting more active. The association recommends at least 150 minutes of physical activity weekly for adults, 60 minutes a day for kids.

Locally, staff members of Flexco and the Terryberry Company will gather together on the grounds of the Terryberry to walk from noon and extending their lunch hour as needed to accommodate the event. Terryberry is located at 2033 Oak Industrial Dr, Grand Rapids, MI 49505. 


Everyone is encouraged to wear their sneakers/walking shoes to work and find opportunities to get in extra steps – do a walking meeting, park further away, take a walk at lunch. It's a great way to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and to give your coworkers a friendly push toward a healthier life.

Why, you say? Americans are spending more time than ever sitting in front of screens – at work and at home –which means less time being active. Physical inactivity has a detrimental effect on your health. Studies have shown that inactive people can double their risk of heart disease. Heart disease is this country's No.1 killer. But by exercising for as little as 30 minutes each day you can reduce your risk.

Now, get walking!

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