A five star recruit who chose Georgia over the University of Michigan, says he did so because Jim Harbaugh committed a fashion faux pas.

What could Jim Harbaugh have worn into a home that might irritate a potential recruit and his parents?

I'll let you think about that for a minute.

This story comes from the "Bussin' With The Boys" podcast, which is co-hosted by former UM offensive lineman Tyler Lewan, who currently plays for the Tennessee Titans, and another NFL player, Will Compton.

On Tuesday's podcast, guest Isaiah Wilson, who played at the University of Georgia, who was just drafted by the Titans was asked about his recruitment process.

Wilson was a shoo-in to sign at Michigan, in fact 90 percent of 247 Sports predictions had him picked to go to UM. And he was ready to commit, until Harbaugh stopped by his house with some unusual footwear.

We pick up the conversation from there.

“Remember when [Michigan] first got the deal with Jordan?” Isaiah began. ”[Harbaugh] just wouldn’t take off his cleats. He came to my in-home visit with cleats on his feet. And I have hardwood floors. And he’s just walking around with cleats bro. After that it was over.”

You can go directly to the conversation below, but keep in mind these guys cuss a lot, so you've been warned it may not be safe for work.

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