If you think The Smurfs might be a good movie to see with the kids, you're not alone. Sony's The Smurfs - a movie about little blue forest pixies - was the top movie over the weekend, tying with Universal's Cowboys and Aliens for the top of the heap in ticket sales.

If you're keeping score, the numbers can be found in an article from USA Today.

On another tangent, (and more on-topic with the title of this post) this movie dredges to the surface another conundrum that has haunted us since we first read or watched a Smurfs comic or cartoon. What's the deal with a population of 100 Smurfs and only one of them is a girl?

I read an article from The Atlantic which tries to shed some light on why there's only one Smurfette, as well as some related social stereotypes that women have had to struggle with in the entertainment industry pretty much from the beginning.

Bear in mind that I have no desire to over-analyze a cartoon, but if after you read the article you have any thoughts to add, feel free to leave them in the comments.

In the mean time, I foresee Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig signing up to play the villains in the smurfy sequel.