Dogs are the best companions. They're true, loving, loyal, and always your buddy. But, some of them can sure be lazy.

Pet Breeds created a survey of that great companion of ours, dogs. But this one is the lazy one. So, if you want a dog to play with, run with, walk with, maybe you should choose another breed.

The top 10 lazy dog breeds are:

10. Havanese: There’s a reason they call them lap dogs.

9. Chihuahua: Another lap dog that requires minimal exercise.

8. Boston Terrier: These dogs are low-maintenance and don’t need much exercise.

7. Pomeranian: Yep, another lap dog.

6. Shih Tzu: This small breed will quickly tire out playing indoors.

5. Great Dane: Hard to believe, but these giant dogs would rather lie in bed all day than run around.

4. Dachshund: They require minimal exercise ... maybe because of the stubby legs and long body.

3. French Bulldog: The American Kennel Club calls these dogs one of the most inactive breeds.

2. Yorkshire Terrier: These little dogs are playful ... but also notoriously lazy.

1. Bulldog: Your bulldog may just decide to lie down in the middle of a walk. Yep, they are on the lazy side.

There are other dogs just as lazy, and pretty funny, as well.






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