You've just spent an hour shoveling your driveway. Then, the snowplow comes by and undoes all that hard work.

The County Road Association of Michigan has information on the best ways to avoid the dreaded second shovel.

“Shoveling snow once after a storm is already a tedious process” said Denise Donohue, director of the County Road Association of Michigan. “Having to shovel a driveway a second time after the snowplow passes is just frustrating.”

The County Road Association offers a few simple guidelines that will help people avoid that frustration. By clearing an area before your driveway large enough for the snow coming off the blade to be deposited (to the right as you face your home or business), you can avoid the “second shovel.”


A bit of common sense here, but if a quick review gets you back indoors a few minutes sooner it's worth it.

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