The way December has begun it seems we could be in for a long winter in Michigan. The Kent County Road Commission tells us how to legally clear snow from your property.

The more snow we get the harder that snow becomes to clear. It's not just the volume of snow that needs to be moved that's the problem. It's the lack to space in which to move the snow.

Large piles of snow from previous snow storms can be difficult to move if you've run out of space, but new snow still needs to be cleared properly. Every winter I see people using their snow blower to intentionally blow snow onto the road. It's convenient for them, but shows a severe level of laziness and lack of consideration for the safety of neighbors and all who have to use the road.

The Kent County Road Commission reminds residents that snow can't be moved to the road. This Facebook post is from last year, but it's as relevant now as it ever has been.

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