When Michiganders go down the the Web MD rabbit-hole, what's the medical symptom we are looking up the most online?

Given the Mitten State's often fickle climate (70 and sunny one day, 30 and snowing the next), it's not surprising.

Medicare Health Plans looked at the google trends in each state and found that in Michigan, the most searched symptom is: Stuffed Nose.

Medicare Health Plans
Medicare Health Plans

Medicare Health Plans points out that their findings don’t mean these are the symptoms most people have in each state, but their results do suggest which symptoms concern a lot of people.

So what are people most concerned about in the U.S., according to Medicare Health Plans research? Stress. It showed up in one fifth of states as the most googled symptom.

In Wisconsin and South Carolina however, it's poop. BUT, of varying colors. Apparently in South Carolina, they've got a "green stool" situation going on, and in Wisconsin, "light colored" poo... maybe it's all the cheese?

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