Very unfortunate for the teenager that this has happened to him, but a good lesson for everyone else, do not lie about having COVID-19 if you don’t have it, because the consequences could lead to you having to deal with the police like a Ludington teenager is now.

9&10News reports that a Ludington teenager who works as a busboy for Timbers Seafood and Steakhouse told his manager Friday that he couldn’t come to work because he had COVID-19. Of course, out of an abundance of safety for everyone, that meant the owners had to shut down the restaurant both Friday and Saturday, which meant also canceling a wedding rehearsal dinner that they had scheduled.

None of that is the illegal part, the part that got the teenager in trouble was when on Saturday night after the restaurant had been closed for two days and all the employees had been tested, he confessed to the owners that he didn’t have COVID-19 and that he had just wanted the day off, according to 9&

Because of that lie, the restaurant lost thousands of dollars on what they consider to be their second busiest weekend of the summer, as well as fellow employees missing out on tips during a very lucrative weekend, all while still battling the fact that nobody was making money the 3 months the restaurant was closed during the pandemic.

Also to add insult to the injury, the owner said the boy's father is also considered a "friend".

The owner told 9&10News,

“He doesn’t know what he did and I feel terrible for him because this is a young kid that made a mistake, but this is now a police matter.”

So don't fake having COVID-19 if you're looking for a day off.  It's more serious than just pretending to have food poisoning for the sick day.

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