I remember growing up, you could find Denny's everywhere.  It was our go-to when we were on vacation.  Now, no so much the case, even more so as the Holland Denny's location has now closed.

The Holland Sentinel reports that as of Friday afternoon, there's a note taped to the front door of the restaurant stating that the location is closed.  The note also thanked the City of Holland for the years of patronage and said to check out other West MI locations, according to the Sentinel story.  They say that people are also loading the equipment and furniture into trucks already too. So they aren't playing around.

Denny's in Holland was located at  631 E. 24th St.

There are still three other Denny's locations here in West Michigan including one on Plainfield Ave in Grand Rapids, 28th Street in Wyoming and 44th Street in Kentwood.


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