Director Bruce Tinker, Playwright Bo Wilson, Andy Rent

Bo Wilson, playwright of The Boatwright, and in town for final rehearsals and opening night of his award winning play at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, says he hopes audiences walk away from the play exclaiming what a wonderful night at the theater, and possibly find a piece of themselves in the deeply rich characters.The American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) is honored Grand Rapids Civic Theatre is a Producing Theatre in the inaugural AACT new Play Fest. Six theatres across the country were selected to produce the six winning scripts selected out of more the 200 submitted. Grand Rapids Civic is proud that they are producing The Boatwright.

The Boatwright is a two-man play, Ben Calloway, fifty-seven year old man, widowed, childless and retired, trying to find a purpose for himself, and Jamie Watson, a young man recently suspended from film school, trying to fix himself as well. Both men are venturing into uncharted waters.

Playwright Wilson says when you think you're on your own in uncharted waters, encountering another soul might be scary, it might be a relief, and it might be painful, but you know for sure you're not alone anymore.

Pretty good stuff, The Boatwright, and opening night is tonight at Civic Theatre, and runs through September 28. It will be a very rewarding night at the theater.

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