The Grand Rapids Civic Theatre and School of Theatre Arts announced the Summer Repertory Theatre (SRT) presentation of "Camp Rock: The Musical", and "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe."

Summer Repertory Theatre is a program of the School of Theatre Arts. The program offers students, ages 14 to 19, a hands-on theatre experience supported under the direction of Grand Rapids Civic Theatre professionals and volunteers. Students hone their performances skills: singing, acting, and dancing while they also learn the more technical aspects of theater including set design, costume design, marketing, backstage work, sound and lights, and tickets selling.


Originally Junior Summer Stock in 1994, it consisted of one show performed by two separate casts.

Because of increased popularity from auditioning students and general public demand for performances, the program was redesigned and launched as Summer Repertory Theatre in 2004. Each season, the theater selects a musical and non-musical for students to produce. The quality of the productions has been growing since.

Ticket prices are $10 to $16.

You can see the events calendar for specific days and times at

For information on Grand Rapids Civic Theatre or to purchase tickets, call (616) 222-6650 or visit