Exciting news for movie-lovers and those who live in the Holland area... a new movie theater has opened in Downtown Holland. But, this isn't your average theater you're used to going... this is a "boutique theater."

Sperry's Moviehouse has 11 theaters that each offer luxury seating which features heat, massage and recliner options. Can you ask for a better movie experience? I'd only be worried that I'd get too comfy and fall asleep LOL.

There's even a playhouse theater for the kids.

Upstairs of the Moviehouse is a full restaurant and bar with lunch and dinner daily. You can also get food delivered to you in the theater.

Men In Black: International will kick off the first showing at the new theater TODAY (Thursday) at 4 p.m. See all the movie showtimes here.

Sperry's Moviehouse also offers a rewards program which gets you points towards concessions and the restaurant.

Sperry's Moviehouse is located at 84 West 8th Street in Holland.

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