One of the sure signs of spring in West Michigan is a growing anticipation of Tulip Time in Holland. Another is a near certainty that we're not quite done with winter weather. With a strong looking winter storm heading to the area this weekend (March 22), what might that mean for the budding flowers of the vast tulip fields of Holland?

The question came up on the local Holland subreddit of Reddit recently. Those watching the 'Tulip Tracker' say the sprouting has begun.

Hey just saw an update on the Tulip tracker at I am wondering what the lifecycle will be since I plan to travel for it. My question is how long do they sprout for? How long do they bloom for until they are gone?

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While there are thousands of bulbs in the ground and will certainly be in abundance when festival time rolls around - will a winter blast affect the show?

An area resident has sage thoughts.

The cold weather this week and next will pause their growth, so they won’t be as far along as some feared. In a good year where it isn’t too warm, a tulip will be in bloom about 30 days. If the weather gets really hot they may only bloom for 14 days. They may still be early and won’t be around long after Tulip Time in early May, so don’t try to wait til after Tulip Time!

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And it's never bad advice to beat the crowds. The 2024 Tulip Time festival runs May 4-12 for 2024.

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