If you love the 1993 Sly Stallone/Wesley Snipes movie 'Demolition Man' you no doubt recall and cherish the scene were it's revealed that Taco Bell won the 'Franchise Wars' and every restaurant is a Taco Bell.

That's what it seems like to one resident of the southern Grand Rapids suburb of Cutlerville. Do they live in some odd Taco Bell vortex. Here's the topic raised on the Grand Rapids section of Reddit:

I live near 68th and Clyde Park. The closest restaurant to me is Taco Bell and now the next closest restaurant in the opposite direction is also a new Taco Bell.

Taco Bell loving commenters were quick to say, "you're living out my dream."

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While there are certainly plenty of other restaurants in the region of town between Wyoming and Byron Center, the compass rose does point to Taco Bell in multiple directions at 68th and Clyde Park Ave.

From that intersection the closest restaurant heading east on 68th Street is a Taco Bell at US 131. Heading north on Clyde Park, the first restaurant you pass is also a Taco Bell at 56th Street.

So, yes, if you just limited your world to 68th and Clyde Park, you would indeed think that the fictional universe of Demolition Man had become reality and Taco Bell had obtained world domination.

Oh, and if you have no idea about Taco Bell winning the Franchise Wars in Demolition Man (or how to use the Three Seashells) check out this clip from the film.

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