The Eight Best Wines From Michigan
As you enjoy summer take the time to toast a long sunset with one of the best wines produced in Michigan.
Michigan's top wines have been sampled by the experts and narrowed down to eight award-winning Michigan wines.
Wine Beats Beer for Christmas, According to the Harris Poll
Much has been written about pairing wines with whatever you are serving up for dinner, or whether a stout or an IPA would best accompany that stew on your stove.
But when it comes to alcoholic beverage choices for American adults, how much does when factor into the type of drink one chooses?
Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew [VIDEO]
It's happened to me several times and I'm sure to you, too.  You have a lovely bottle of wine that you're just dying to open, but, alas, no corkscrew. You can't find it anywhere. Horrors, what do you do?
This fellow has a very tricky answer.
Since Grand Rapids is now Beer City, What About Wine?
Grand Rapids has been honored by people literally around the world as a true "Beer Destination."  With Founders Brewery attracting folks from far and wide, Grand Rapids Brewing Co. opening, and other craft beer makers brewing some fabulous beers locally, Grand Rapids seemingly is the spot …
Wine, Beer & Food Festival Is Next Weekend
The greatly anticipated International Wine, Beer & Food Festival is almost here.  Next week, November 17 - 19 the Steelcase Ballroom inside DeVos Place will host thousand of people anxious to sample wine, beer and food from around the world.

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